Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts

She is finished!  (Minus the binding, but she’s almost finished!) After a year of seeing this quilt develop because of the design genius of Laura, Renee, and Jess, it is so exciting to see it finally quilted!  Since this quilt is so special, and so large, I decided that it was best to send it off to be long-armed instead of trying to quilt this baby myself.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Sarah, who owns Crinkle Love, was a joy to work with and she truly made this a quilt I will treasure forever.  I would highly recommend using her, and I already have the next quilt in mind that I want to send her!

I still need to bind this quilt to give it a proper photo shoot, but I couldn’t wait to share some photos of the quilting.  The back is AMH field study velveteen and it is so heavy, soft, and warm.  I’m obsessed.  I think I might even hand bind this monster – all 344 inches.


There are so many details to love on this quilt.

It’s crazy to think that it all started with this Star (pattern can be found here from Lisa Quilts Like a Boss)


This star looks wicked cool from the back:


I absolutely love each and every border!



But, I have to say that my two favorite borders are the outside borders.  I decided not to add some orange peel blocks that Jess and I had made, so I love that orange peels made it on anyway.  Finally, I had seen a video of Sarah quilting this rose design on Instagram and I knew this would look beautiful on the Social Climber print.


Now I just have to bind this stunning quilt… and start my next Sisterhood starter.  I don’t think I can top this one, though.

A huge thank you to everyone for this quilt – you ladies have no idea how much I treasure this.  If there is ever a fire, I’m grabbing this first!


11 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts

  1. Love, love, love. The colors are fabulous, the star center you know has been a favorite for a while, the orange peel and those circle beads quilting- oh yes!!
    I might have to come and stay again just to check it out 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness this is absolutely stunning! If you hand bind it just think of the time you’ll get to spend snuggling under it while you sew!

  3. ahhhhh its so fantastic! I love that it’s contrasting thread on the back so the quilting shows up! And that orange peel border is gorgeous!

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