QuiltCon Prep

Y’all.  I fly out in 4 days.  FOUR.  I can’t believe it!  I was all bummed that I’d be the only person there too incompetent to create something handmade to wear or carry at QuiltCon, but now I have two handmade items to wear!  My sweet friend, Melanie, saw my distress over missing the Lanyard memo on Instagram and texted me that she had made me one!  What?!  Quilters are the best people ever.

I stole her picture of the lanyard, and I have to say that she couldn’t have picked a better fabric for me.  I’m obsessed.


Isn’t it perfect?!

When I went to pick the lanyard up from our favorite quilt shop, Rock Paper Scissors, I happened to walk by some AMH rayon.  Usually I keep on walking because God knows I can’t make clothes (Even though I’ve made a dress minus a zipper, but that’s another post…) But these fabrics stopped me in my tracks.  Luckily, Aubrey was there to walk me through the process and she shared this awesome infinity scarf tutorial over at Pink Chalk Fabrics.


The tutorial calls for 1/4 yard of both fabrics.  I bought 1 yard of each fabric, cut into 1/2 yard cuts.  Then I put the 1/2 yards together to make a REALLY long  infinity scarf.  I am a big woman, and I like big scarves.  In full disclosure, though, I did end up trimming off maybe 15 inches?  However, I LOVE the extra length and the extra width.  It is so full and soft and comfy and beautiful.


I happened to find a teal sweater that matched perfectly, too.  It was meant to be!  So now I’ll have a few handmade items to wear in Austin!

Up next: packing, picking my fabric for classes, getting my nails done (haha), and putting together my sewing kit.  OH CRAP.  I also have to finish my sisterhood starter.  OH LORD.  I better go get to work RIGHT now.


7 thoughts on “QuiltCon Prep

  1. Haha I’m totally going through the same crazy thoughts and working on my Sisterhood starter today! Your scarf is beautiful! Great idea! I have some of that Echinacea rayon! Also… we have matching lanyards!

  2. Don’t sweat it, you’ll get everything done. You’re a quilter, you can DO this! Saw your lanyard over on Mel’s blog and knew you’d love it on sight. Pretty, pretty scarf. I’d be tempted if I lived in a climate where scarves were viable, but you don’t want anything draping around your neck in these temperatures…

  3. beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to see you there. Yes, traveling all the way to Austin so all the Jersey girls can have dinner. xoxox

  4. Yes stop blogging and get to work!! That scarf turned out so cute and looks great on you! I made three last year and gave out two as gifts…and have only worn mine once. I just am not a scarf person…been thinking about bringing it to quiltcon though, you know to try and fit in with the cool kids.

  5. Adorable scarf. I am just back from Mexico at 11pm last night and in my way to quiltcon now. Maybe we will bump into each other seeing as I never get to meetings because I am so far north and my day job is relentless. Safe trip, and I will be looking for your scarf. I will be the one who wasn’t smart enough to wear something handmade!!!

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