Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts, Part II!

Yesssss, it’s back again.  I am so excited that Laura, Renee, and Jess, and I will all continue in on the fun – and even more exciting – we have two new sisters to add: Michelle and Liz!  In the mad rush to get ready for QuiltCon (OMG) I knew I had to have my starter ready to hand off to Jess.  But, of course, I procrastinated until last night.  Oh, when will I learn?  I’ve been feel grey and bleak with our weather lately, so what else should inspire me but COLOR VOMIT EVERYWHERE!  Rainbows!

My vision for this quilt is a Row by Row quilt, where each sister takes a color and makes a complete row using only fabrics of that color family.  Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Teal, Blue, Purple.  (Yes, I left off Green because that’s my starter!)  The rows (yes, rows, not columns!) should be 72 inches long, but they can be any width.  Maybe you want to do 6 inch economy blocks in pink, or 8 inch churn dash blocks in purple (cough, Jess, cough), OR 12 inch wonky stars in blue.  I don’t care what block   – it could be a smorgasbord of blocks for all I care in your row.  It just has to be all one color.  All hues, but I’m not really into pastels.  I like vibrant, rich, in your face, loud color.  And white is out.  OUT.

Here are some inspiration quilts to check out: Saturated Color by City Stitches, a Row by Row rainbow quilt – minus the white!, Rainbow Fabrics, More Rainbows from My Fabric Obsession.  You get the point.  Color.  Color. Color.

Oh, and maybe you want to tackle two colors.  That’s cool, I’m down with that.   Whatever colors are leftover once I get it back, I will finish off.

For my row, I took  on green.   I pulled out my stash of 40 green fabrics (no lie) and pulled out my favorites.


Even some chicopee made it in there!

I wanted to do a row of geese, originally lots of little geese,  but then time got in the way, and I found cutting directions for large 12 inch geese!  Pinterest for the win!

IMG_7303The lighting is terrible.  Because it was way past my bedtime, but that’s beside the point – we can sleep after QuiltCon!

So, here’s the deal.  I pulled fabrics in the other color families that spoke to me:

IMG_7308But, then I decided that we all have better things to pack after QuiltCon, and God knows you don’t want to mail around 5 yards of fabric with this beast of a quilt.  So here’s the deal.  When you get the quilt, and you decide on a color you want to use, if you need fabrics CALL A SISTER.  I will  hook you up.  I will mail you my stash in that color.  I am for real.

IMG_7304IMG_7305There’s more where that came from, too.

Ladies, are you up for the Rainbow Challenge?!  Do you have an idea for your row already?  Are you prepared to ignore white?  Oh, and grey, and black, too.

Also, I am so far ahead of myself already because I’ve planned my quilting pattern: The baptist fan.  (insert laughing/crying emoji here) It’s just too perfect.

5 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts, Part II!

  1. I am so excited that it’s coming to me first! You know I’ll do purple, and if I’m up to it, maybe another row. I’m thinking maybe alternating churn dashes with on point churn dashes?

  2. It’s at times like this, and only at times like this, that I wish I didn’t live Down Under. Wish I could play along…. Never mind, I’ll watch what you guys whip up and wish….

  3. oh man I totally want to pick a color my stash lacks just so you’ll mail me a bunch your gorgeous stash!! Unfortunately that is green and you are done there, haha. I can’t wait to work on it!!

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