WiP Wednesday

Let me tell you what, quilting is good for the soul.   I have been needing this time to cut up fabric and put it back together again.  This weekend I was able to finish all the rows for my mom’s quilt (plus some that I’m too short to reach) and now I just have to motivate myself to iron them.  That is not good for the soul.


I really, really, really love this quilt.  I’m so glad that my mom liked these fabrics for her quilt because it means I’ll always be able to see it.  But, really, how am I going to motivate myself to iron this?!  ALL THE SEAMS.

IMG_7299I also made sure that I have Cerise nails for QuiltCon, because how else will anyone know who I am?!

And finally, I’ve been pulling fabric like a madwoman for my class with fabric god Anna Maria Horner. Let me tell you what didn’t happen – putting anything back.

IMG_7293If it’s floral, it’s making the trip to Austin.  It’s also packed in my carry-on backpack.  Y’all.  Nothing useful is in my carry on – it’s only fabric.  Because I’d much rather be without clothes for 4 days, than not have my fabrics.   Oh lord.

Tonight can’t come soon enough!


10 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. lololol you would be a hot mess after 4 days or no clothes and all shopping and sewing! I am packing deodorant and a toothbrush in my carry on just in case…

  2. Well, you got the necessities done: nails and fabric. Time to see what else you can squeeze in that bag… Jealous, jealous. Lots of photos now, those of us who can’t go want to see what fun you had.

  3. Love your quilt! I just finished that same pattern to use up all my scraps. Sad to say it hardly made a dent in the scraps. Ironing it was a pill, good music helped me through it. Enjoy your trip and thank you for sharing this!

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