QuiltCon: Part II

The classes. Oh, the classes.  Now that QuiltCon has come and gone, I am already scheming about the classes I hope to take in 2017.  I was lucky enough to get into a quilting class with Angela Walters and Mod Corsage with Anna Maria Horner.  When I saw that I was able to check out with both of my top choices I felt extremely lucky!  On top of getting the  classes that I wanted, I was also in them with some of my favorite quilty friends. Amazing.

On Friday, I took Dot to Dot Quilting with Angela Walters. Unfortunately for me, this class was on a long arm!  It’s only unfortunate because I do not own one, do not have thousands of dollars to purchase one, and now I want one.  Such is life.  Angela was a phenomenal teachers, and her designs are still easily accessible for a domestic machine.  I can’t wait to try them!

First stitches on a long arm ever. Internal freak out:

IMG_7364The best part of this class, hands down, was taking it with Renee.  Renee has been such a cheerleader, teacher, supporter, and speaker of truth over the past two years.  Whenever I had doubts, Renee was all “you can do this”.  Whenever I wanted to give up on FMQing and stick to straight lines, Renee would pop out another masterpiece and inspire me all over again. Taking a quilting class from a quilting master with your personal quilting hero is pretty amazing.  Seriously, go check out her work!

IMG_7366Renee was such a natural!

Here are a few shots of the designs I was able to do.  Don’t look too closely, or you’ll definitely notice the swerves.  It took a while to get used to the ruler.



Of course Renee and I had to get our pictures taken with Angela!

IMG_7402 IMG_7407 IMG_7408This course definitely inspired me to continue practicing Free Motion Quilting.  It was great to hear from Angela and learn more about her journey. Plus, it made me feel better because she’s been doing this for 12 years!  Surely I’ll be better by that point, too!

On Saturday, I took the long awaiting Mod Corsage class with Anna Maria Horner. Y’all.  Not only was this class the class I had been waiting for all year, but Denyse Schmidt was taking the class, too!!!!  (For all my sweet non-quilting readers, Denyse Schmidt is the fabric designer who designed Chicopee – my obsession, and many, many other great lines!)

Here Anna Maria and Denyse are showing off a quilt that Denyse made by using a floral print and applique.  Dang!

IMG_7420What a way to start class?!

IMG_7422Just learning from the master!!!! Here’s Anna Maria’s first Mod Corsage – the inspiration for this class!

IMG_7417And a beautiful color wheel of her fabrics as inspiration during class.  This was from her color theory class that I hope to take one day!  Or I could just make this since I have all of these fabrics!!!

IMG_7418Up first, I had to make the background for my garden.  I had won a beautiful low volume print in a giveaway that was my inspiration (the green text), but when I started laying out fabrics I was inspired by the sketchbook print from Hand Drawn Garden (bottom right fabric)  From there, the garden just grew!

IMG_7425Denyse even came over and complimented my use of Chicopee!  Of course I had to add it in!  It ended up being a great addition because the black in the Chicopee made me pull out a lot of black in the AMH fabrics that I would have missed otherwise as I built the garden.

From there, I just started cutting out florals, and moving the florals around.

IMG_7430IMG_7432IMG_7447IMG_7451Until I had my final design:

IMG_7455Originally, I wanted to create a piece of wall art for my guest room.  However, I love this piece so much that now I want to make a quilt.  I think I’m going to keep these flower as raw edge applique and build layers of low volume around this, but the garden will be either the center focal point, or in the bottom corner.  I envision cerise binding (or course) and even more florals.  I.love.this.

Here’s Denyse sharing about her work:

IMG_7458And of course I had to get a picture with Anna Maria:

IMG_7465Overall, I could not have been more pleased with the class I was able to take at QuiltCon.  I was extremely lucky with my schedule. Both classes pushed me outside of my comfort zone and really inspired me to create beautiful projects.  I can’t wait to try the quilting designs at home and I’m already planning another Mod Corsage – this time for a frame!

8 thoughts on “QuiltCon: Part II

  1. It’s just not fair. Why do these great events never happen Down Under? Just think how much fun it would be to go to something like QuiltCon and have Bondi Beach around the corner… But no one wants to travel that far, and it makes getting to great quilting events very expensive for Aussies. Did I mention Jealous, jealous, jealous again…?

  2. Your floral appliqué piece is amazing! I really hope to make it to the next QuiltCon- I have loved following along with everyone’s posts. Thanks for helping us to experience the conference with you!

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