Quilting 101: Washing Your Quilts

When I started this blog, I would occasionally write a Quilting 101 piece when I learned something.  I figured if it was helpful to me, someone else could use the knowledge.  Today’s Quilting 101 segment is brought to you by all of the fabulous advice shared by quilters when I wrote about why I don’t wash my quilts.  Their advice and reasoning for washing your quilts was spot on.  In fact, I have a quilt washing right now.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to go search through their comments – I’ve compiled them right here.  Enjoy!

  • They won’t fall apart in the wash.  (Good to know as this was my fear.)
  • If they do, it’s usually a pretty quick fix – but check all of the threads carefully when you first pull it out.
  • Use two color catchers the first time
  • Throw a color catcher in every time you wash a quilt, not just the first time
  • Washing helps get the starch out (which can attract bugs)
  • When you wash your quilts, the puckers are much less noticeable.  (Thank God)
  • Give the person you are gifting the quilt to washing advice. I’ve made up a card that I plan on mailing with future cards.
  • Also, let them know you’ve washed it so they know it was made especially for them and not gifted used.  I would have ever thought of this one!
  • All quilts going to the hospital need to be pre-washed before they are handed out
  • Prewash the batting too (yes, you can do that tied up in a pillowcase).
  • Lay it out flat to dry, or put it in the dryer

Again, none of these were my own ideas.  However, I am going to follow them from here on out.  Right now I have my fingers crossed because this is happening right now.


So, if I’ve previously gifted you a quilt and it falls apart, please let me know!  I’ll happily fix it and from now on I’ll trouble shoot before I send it your way.  Happy quilting and now happy washing!


9 thoughts on “Quilting 101: Washing Your Quilts

  1. I usually don’t wash my quilts either…I did wash three baby quilts yesterday. I used the color catchers and was able to get rid of a stain where my iron hiccuped. Your compiled advice is spot on!

  2. I always wash my quilts! Mostly to get them to wrinkle up, because that shrink makes all the little flaws disappear. But I also wash so that it proves to the person getting it that it can be thrown in the washer and dryer and not babied. I think they get more loved that way, instead of hung on a wall and just stared at.

  3. I never wash my quilts–just later on, when they need it. I love the tip for washing the batting in a pillow case! I used to prewash my batting in my top load washer, but when I tried it in my front loader, it looked like I had beaten my batting to death. So, thanks!

  4. The only quilt I’ve ever prewashed batting for was the first one–a tiny baby quilt. I like a little crinkle in my quilts, so I don’t really get why I’d want to go to the extra effort of washing the batting. I don’t prewash my fabrics anymore either…might as well be consistent with everything, right?

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