Gypsy Wife: April…Almost

This weekend I decided I needed to crank something out.  Some.thing.  Not one of the million Bee blocks I have to do, of course, because that requires too much focus.  So, instead I decided to do my April Gypsy Wife blocks.  (Because clearly that doesn’t require focus…Riiiight.)

Case in point:


This is supposed to be the heart block.  Yes, these fabrics compete.  Yes, it looks ridiculous.  However, I just don’t have it in me yet to redo it.  I’m going to wait until later to see what colors I need.  For right now, it’s OK.  I already hated the block before. 

Then I decided it was time to focus:


Love.  I’m obsessed with that block. 


I decided to do the Courthouse Steps differently than the pattern describes.

I’m very happy with this decision.


And then finally all of the Courthouse Steps blocks:


I really hate the bottom left baby one.  So, tonight I’ll probably redo that one along with my square in a square block.  Regardless, this quilt is too much fun.  I can’t wait to finish this one.  If you haven’t started yours – what are you waiting for?!

Learn from Your Mistakes

As a teacher I constantly tell my students to learn from their mistakes.  Not to give up.  To keep on trying.  Which still didn’t keep me from hitting my head when I made a big mistake on Sunday.

As a teacher I also tell my students to read the directions.  I mean, how hard can it be to read the directions?  It drives me insane when they don’t read the directions.  Which didn’t keep me from skipping the directions on Sunday.

There I was with all of the pieces left for the remaining 8 blocks of my Love Lives Here quilt cut and ready to piece.  I knew I needed to make all of the flying geese first because the blocks would come together faster.  Each block requires 8 flying geese, which requires what seems like 1 million little squares.

I also teach my students to use hyperbole in their writing.  At least I practice one thing I preach.

So, after piecing all of the flying geese, and ignoring a faint notion to check with my pattern because I had already made 5 million of them before… I had them cut and ready to iron…

ImageSee, at least a million:


And then, I opened one.

And realized it was FAR from perfect.

An ugly ducking, not a flying goose.


All because I didn’t read the directions.

Honestly, who doesn’t read directions?!


So, now I’m back to cutting.


In short, like I always tell my students: Read the directions.

Oh, and check your work as you go.

Pretty sure I tell them that, too.