Cheers to The Year I Started Quilting

Today marks not only the end of 2013, but exactly 373 days since I bought my first sewing machine. (Which I know is slightly longer than a year…)  I can easily say that this past year has changed my life.  Over the years I have tried many crafts: drawing, painting, pottery, knitting, crocheting, stained glassed windows (yes, really), scrapbooking (one and done, friends), etc.  My soul longs to be creative, but it wasn’t until I put the binding on my first finished quilt that I knew I had found the craft that truly fulfilled those creative urges.  By the way, that first quilt finish was May 22, 2013.  Exactly 5 months after I bought my sewing machine.  You might remember those first five months of paralyzing quilting fear in which I made plenty of quilt tops and no real progress.  Thankfully, I’m over that nonsense.

From my very first post, full of small icon pictures, to my first tutorial, and all the other musings I’ve posted in between, this blog has opened my life to the most creative people I have ever known.  Here’s to you, my friends around the world.  Here’s to your encouragement and inspiration.  Not a day goes by where I’m not thinking, dreaming, or actually quilting.  Here’s to the ladies who sold me my first machine, and patiently helped me pick out fabric.  Here’s to my favorite teacher Melanie who got this girl quilting and became a sweet friend.  Here’s to my favorite quilt shop in NJ where I have formed a circle of friends in a place I never thought I would call home.  Here’s to the ladies in ScrapBeeLicious that bring joy and creativity to each month, and made me one of the most beautiful quilts I will ever own.  Here’s to the NJMQG, full of wonderful wisdom, creativity, and the love that only quilters can understand. Here’s to the babies whose pictures on quilts I’ve made bring me a sense of pride I never knew before.  Here’s to my quilting friends who make it into conversations at dinner with my husband, even though we’ve never met: “What’s Molli making these days?” “Do you think we’ll be able to meet up with Laura this year?” “Michelle invited us over when we’re in NC?” (Which is happening in 2014!)  “That quilt you liked on instagram by Cath is insane.”  Here’s to Renee, a quilting goddess, and the world’s best pen pal (where I fail).

You are all loved, friends.

When I think back on this year, I am in awe of all that was accomplished in my little sewing room, but I am mostly blown away by the friends I have made.  I didn’t realize when I started my little corner of the blog world that I would make friends.  I honestly didn’t think anyone would read this except for my mom, grandmothers, and occasionally my husband.  Before I look ahead to 2014, here’s a recap of 2013.  My first year quilting.

The first finish:


The baby quilts:


Quilts I made for family members who needed some love in 2013:


The Best Friend Quilts that I made for me and my sweet friend Maggie with “matching” backs:


My first charity quilt and the first quilt I will list in my Etsy shop:


Fourteen finished quilts, a few stockings, some pillows here and there, a few more WiPs, and 6 more quilt tops. 2013 has been a wonderfully productive year.  Here’s to the year ahead, with new goals, a new machine (this news coming soon!), an opening Etsy shop, and a growing list of 17 “planned” quilts.  If this year is even half as much fun as 2013, I say, “Bring it on!”