Gypsy Wife: March Tips

I love that I posted finished Gypsy Wife blocks yesterday… that actually weren’t finished.  This pattern confuses me, and last night I read the pattern about 5 times.  For two blocks.  So, if you’re doing the wonderful Gypsy Wife QAL with Michelle over at Factotum of the Arts, here’s a tip for March: You don’t need 7 blocks, you really need 5 blocks.  Two of your mini 2.5 inch Pinwheel blocks are the center of your Square in Square blocks.

Don’t get confused like me.

So, now I’ve really completed my March filler blocks, and I only have to make my Pershing Block.  This block looks like a pain in the a$$.

Also, here’s another tip.  When adding the triangles to your pinwheel blocks, use the center line to guide where you put the triangle point.  This really helped make sure that each of my corners lined up.


Is that an obvious tip?  Oh well, I didn’t know what to do since the triangles were so much larger than my baby pinwheel.  However, this really helped!

When I first figured out that the baby pinwheel blocks were the center blocks of other blocks, I was a little peeved because I didn’t plan out the color scheme.  Now, I’m pretty happy that I was just winging it.


These might be my new favorite blocks.


I could not decide where to go with this second one, but I am loving this gray fabric!  I love how this block has so much purple, gray, and orange.  AMH is a goddess of fabric goodness.

And here are all the March filler blocks:


Now my design wall looks like pure happiness:

photo 3

Now I just have to tackle that dang Pershing block!

Gypsy Wife Quilt

I didn’t think I was going to make the February deadline for blocks.  However, once I got started making these beauties, I couldn’t stop!  Now, I don’t want to wait – this quilt is addicting.

For February, Michelle laid out the Color Wheel and Pinwheel blocks.  Get ready for some seriously fun blocks:

photo 5

photo 4

Two words: Fussy Cut.

photo 1

I thought I was going to hate the mini pinwheels – surprise I LOVE this block!

photo 2

Still got my cerise in there – AMH style!

photo 3

So, there you have the February blocks!  Now that I’ve realized how much I love these blocks, it’s going to be hard to pace myself with this quilt.  Who else is doing this QAL?!