Change of Plans

So, originally I had planned on finishing this Chicopee quilt.Image


I got side tracked with this amazing tutorial for the St. Louis 16 Patch.  Never heard of it?  Thank me later.  I literally sewed this top together in two days with minimal ironing and NO PINS.  Let me repeat that… I didn’t use one pin and almost all of my seams match up.  I am a believer.  So fast.  So easy.  Way too easy for such a stunning quilt.  It doesn’t hurt that’s it’s Chicopee either, does it?



You may be wondering after these two quilts and this pillow how much Chicopee I have… let’s just say enough for three more quilts… at least.  And that’s if I resist buying more.  I don’t think I will ever get sick of this line.  I am begging Denyse to never let this stop reprinting.  This is me begging.  This is me offering my first born.  This is me making a fool of myself on my knees.  Please?

As a side note, I promise I’ll tame my quilting ADD this summer… or will I….

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17 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. What a fun quilt! The colors are so boy, and the pattern is perfect for straight line quilting, so I know you will turn it into some amazing quilt! My favorite blocks are the polka dots and stripes.

  2. I don’t have any Chicopee, so your giving me stash envy here:) Love the 16 patch, great-another for my list!

  3. Quilt ADD is something many of us are afflicted with, myself included. 16 patch you say…hmm…off I go…

  4. Yep, love “no pins.” I have a FQ bundle of Chicopee that I’ve barely touched–I’m crippled by indecision! I can’t figure out what to do with it. (See also: a bundle of FMF 2012.) I want to do THE BEST thing with it, you know? I’m so tempted to do the DS Cog & Wheel but am a little chicken of the curves. Keep those Chicopee quilts coming, yours look great!

  5. That quilt top only took two days!?! I’m going to have to follow your lead! I saw this block on I’m a ginger monkey but hadn’t realized how quick it was!

  6. Just came across this post via Pinterest. I really like your quilt and color choice. The link to the tutorial unfortunately is no longer valid. Could you pass along the no-pin, fast, and easy method you used for your St Louis 16-patch? Thanks!

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