You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

My stash, that is!  Now, even though my husband’s office is right across the hall from my sewing room, I like to think he doesn’t know the full extent of my stash… how to hide this post from him?  When Sarah over at Sarah Quilts decided to host this linky party I was super excited, because I always want to know what others have in their own sewing rooms!  We all know that there are plenty of must-have fabrics, and I’ve yet to meet many that don’t fall in this category.  Without further ado, here is my stash – and remember, now you’re going to have to show me yours!


I also display markers, thank you notes, pez dispensers, family photos, necklaces, and student photos in my sewing room, too.  Why not?

So let’s break this down!


Up first, CHICOPEE.  Y’all knew it was here!  Yes, some of it is still in the bag.

Just like your grandmother’s fancy couch was covered in plastic …


Here’s my lark fabrics for my Sister’s Ten BOM – that has definitely fallen by the wayside.

And, from way back, the Ty Pennington fabric I bought from my winnings in the Sew Can She Herringbone challenge!


A little stack of a few fat quarters.

What you don’t see are the hidden fat quarters behind this stack (shhhh, don’t tell my husband!)


This might be my favorite picture ever.  What’s not to love about this happy little bundle?

Special shout out to Pink Castle fabrics for almost all of these fabrics from the Stash Stack Club.


This cube has all of my future quilts and steals I’ve found on quilt backs.

Basically everything in this cube I’ve found on “can’t pass this up sale”.

I think this represents about 6 future quilts that I have planned in my little mind.


This little basket of joy holds all of my Cuzco for a special quilt I hope to make by Christmas…


Down below, I hold all of my extra batting and the quilts that are basted and ready to quilt.

Plus, clearly I’ve thrown some extra fabric on top.  I’m just messy like that.


And you knew there was fabric hiding in those bins, didn’t you?

(SHHHHH, we’re all in this together!)

The scraps have to go somewhere!

Now, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to show me yours!  Head on over to Sarah’s stash linky party, and link up!


16 thoughts on “You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

  1. Oh my goodness it’s so pretty. Very very organized! I am definitely going to look into that stash club that sounds amazing. A great Christmas present, perhaps??

    Thanks so much for “showing me yours.” 🙂 I really do feel like I know you guys better now!

  2. I’m going to do this!! I love seeing other people’s stashes; it gives me ideas on how to sort my own.I definitely need to start stocking up on sale fabrics for quilt backs!

  3. Pingback: It’s my stash and I’ll cut it if I want to… or not | Riddle and Whimsy

  4. Awesome stash! I love the blender stack 🙂 I can’t wait to see what that Cuzco turns into! I wish Sarah would keep the linky party open through the weekend… there’s no way I’m going to have time to take pics and write a blog post by tonight, and I only found out about this yesterday, lol.

  5. lol plastic-covered couch, Ashley!! I love your stash, it is so vibrant and colorful. It could definitely use more Chicopee. 🙂 Love Stash Stack. My main motivation in sewing up what I have is so I can sign back up!

  6. You have a great stash – lots of modern classics here! It’s definitely not excessive – I think you should show your husband some of the larger stash posts!

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