WiP Wednesday

My husband’s quilt is definitely underway.  I am loving this quilt, and my husband has definitely approved it so far.  Again, this was heavily influenced by Sarah over at Georgia Girl Quilts, with only a few different low-volume prints that I thought represented my husband.  At first I was making each individual block, and then I wised up and remembered chain piecing.  Duh.

First up, the blacks and greys.


Then I made the yellows:


Which gave me a chance to break up ironing.  I hate ironing.


Almost finished:


I only have one more block to make using this amazing math print I bought just for the hubs.  Such a nerdy man.


It’s a good thing he loves this fabric, because it’s the most expensive piece I’ve ever bough. $10.00 for a fat quarter.  I sure love that man…

I can’t wait to finish this top completely and figure out what backing fabric to use.  I think I’ll take him to the quilt store and let him pick it out.  Date night!


30 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. That math print is wonderful! Your quilt is coming out very nice with all those great prints. I’m sure that expensive grey fabric will be a nice addition!

  2. I was JUST about to ask you where you got that math print, then I saw how much you paid! EEK!! My husband was a math major, is an IT guy now, and volunteers doing advanced math at my son’s school. That would be PERFECT fabric for him, but not at that price! 🙂 This is looking great! And it came together so quickly!

  3. I love the math fabric! I bought the same one, as well as the “how to iron a shirt” print I saw above, and a Pi fabric, and used it in a quilt for my uncle’s wedding (Still a WIP).

  4. Oh man, best date night ever, haha!! I always make the first one or two blocks without chain piecing to figure out a good method for putting them together/make sure I’m putting them together correctly, then chain piece the rest. The quilt looks great so far, I can’t wait to see how to quilt it! Fingers crossed for your machine’s prompt home coming!

  5. What a great design. You can’t go wrong with Comma, and I love the extra prints you’vemixed in there. This is going to be a stunner.

    and that last fat quarter being so expensive is nuts, but some fabrics are worth it – and it will be great in this quilt.

  6. I’m so excited to see how many people love the math print fabric. I’m a math major working in the educational field now, and it’s nice to see people appreciate mathematics, whether by doing it or looking at it.

    Very cool quilt!

  7. This is one of those quilts that literally knocks my socks off. It is a one-of-a-kinder and one I would love to have hanging here in my house. It is awesome. Your fabric choices and the way you injected the bright colors is so eye catching. Great job. You hubby is a very lucky man.

  8. This is such a great quilt so far! I love that the color and fabric choices have made this quilt look so masculine without being over the top and oozing beer and football! It seems like a great quilt that you could both enjoy! Well done. Can’t wait to see the finished project 🙂

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