How Quilters Annoy Their Partners

Y’all, stay with me on this one.  I promise it’s a goodie.  I’ll also start with and recognize the fact that partners also annoy their quilters.  i.e. Loading the dishwasher incorrectly, leaving the seat up, pulling the top sheet from under the mattress, and forgetting to take the trash out, but I digress.

Yesterday, my sweet friend shared this hysterical post with me: 45 Ways to Annoy Your Husband.

The best part of my day was then spent laughing and trying to figure out which number I was, or truthfully how many numbers I am.  A lot. (8, 9, 11, 14 – all of us, 21 – and he should be thankful, 22 – oh my god, causes WWIII like he doesn’t have a million pairs, 39, 45 – like it’s my job)

And I really want to do 28, but I think he would actually break my finger.

This was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while and made me feel so much more normal.  What does that say about me?

But then, then, then, the fabulous Laura of Little and Lots asked me, “OK where is “baste all the quilts in the floor space between the sofa and the TV, during football playoffs” because that is my specialty.”  And that’s how we are here now.  We’ll start with you, Laura.  I hope you’ll play along.

How Quilters Annoy Their Partners

  1. Baste all the quilts in the floor space between the sofa and the TV, during football playoffs
  2. Baste the quilts in his office because it’s the only organized space in the house
  3. Pin needles.  On the floor.  When he walks around barefooted.
  4. Taking over the living room and quilting all weekend when he wanted to relax on the couch
  5. Overestimating the monthly budget for the newest fabric line  (Every month)
  6. Quilting thread all over the living room rug, all the time
  7. Post Office runs to mail of blocks, charity quilts, quilts, pillows, giveaways, etc.  Extra annoying if the partner has to go alone.
  8. Asking, “Did you read my blog post today?”
  9. Asking, “Will you edit my blog post?”
  10. Asking, “Will you come check out this block I made?” When the last block was inspected 20 minutes ago.
  11. Pouting if the answer is “No” to any of the above questions.
  12. Steal his starch when you run out, just to finish these last few blocks, and then forget to return it.  Therefore making him late to work after searching for it.  (Whoops, happened yesterday)
  13. Making more pillows to take over the couch.  Especially when the partner hates pillows to begin with.  Even more if he can’t find a place to sit on the couch.
  14. Taking pictures of random objects wherever you go for “quilting inspiration”.  Gift bags, tissue boxes, restaurant floors, book spines, dress fabric, etc.
  15. Three words: Quilt Photo Shoots
  16. Making a quick run to the quilting store for “thread” and leaving 2 hours later.
  17. Every Christmas and birthday list including all fabric, notions, quilting magazines, and books.
  18. Talking about my quilting blogger friends like we hung out yesterday.  (We did, duh)
  19. The noise your phone makes when someone commented on your blog.
  20. The purr of the sewing machine.  24/7.  My husband calls it a growl.

So, let’s add to this list!  Leave a comment on “How you annoy your partner as a quilter?” and I’ll keep adding to the list!


54 thoughts on “How Quilters Annoy Their Partners

  1. Boy, my husband is lucky – I only do about 3 of those. But the quilty ones – ALL. 3 especially drives him crazy 😀

    I have one to add to your list. “Remember that quilt I showed last week? And that fabric I showed you yesterday? Well, I’m going to do a quilt like that, but change the background colors around. Would you like that?” My husband hates when I do that.

  2. I am guilty of at least 6…and #18 drives Hubs particularly nuts! He has 2 other complaints: quilts taking over every single bed, couch and chair in the house; and . holiday quilts: everywhere, all the time!

  3. I’m so guilty of being short tempered with outright ridiculous questions. Alright, so I’m being totally judgmental of my very supportive husband who will put with just about any of my quilting and craft crap so long as I call it “stitchy stuff” when I’m in front of him. Really though; I don’t understand #4. There is no “relax on couch,” for an entire weekend only wasting time. Get a hobby. I tried giving my husband a hexie kit, but no luck. Perhaps I would feel differently if my husband did more work than I did and I could stay home and quilt full-time. And I feel like I’m going to regret some of the stuff in this response when the first cup of coffee kicks in.

      • It will be some time off. He had a whinge when I told him I’d only sew a button on his shirt if he watched and learned how to do it. But I’ll keep you posted. Sometimes he’ll iron stuff for me while he’s watching tv.

    • My hubby is not working right now while I slave away my days teaching. He does clean the house, but I do all the cooking. He skis, surfs the internet, and has vast amounts of free time I am extremely envious of. I feel your pain!

      • My husband works, but it’s never anything he has to bring home with him. He does have huge amounts of free time though. I’m in the middle of a masters and consider quilting more as a second job than a hobby. I think I went overboard on the how many people I need to make things for because I have a new skill list. Totally my fault. I had one of my classmates catch me sketching out a design today. Kind of awkward. Apparently at work on Wednesday it was so quiet my husband sat down and watched The Godfather. Yep. Totally jealous.

  4. Monopolizing an entire room with my sewing supplies (he & the kids call it “Mommy’s quilt room”) but then also taking up the hallway with my ironing board, photography wall, and hanging my projects across the 20 feet of bannister… Instagram pic forthcoming…

  5. 1) After dinner out, asking if we can just swing by JoAnn’s real quick because I have a coupon that’s going to expire and if I don’t use it, I’m just throwing money away; 2) Never getting to his T-shirt quilt bc it’s ugly; 3) I know I said I didn’t have any plans this weekend -that meant I was planning on sewing; 4) giggling at comments on the Instagram feeds of quilting peeps while he is watching tv.

  6. I know this might be hard to believe but the hubby hasn’t truly been annoyed yet. Luckily he is even tempered. I will say though, in is overly polite way he is asking “don’t you think you have enough fabric now”. He might be a little over all the purchases.

    BTW, I tracked what I spend on fabric this month for the first time ever (which I think I have been a little more moderate)….girl we will need to talk over email 😉

    • Hahaha!!! Agree completely. I will admit that I try and throw out that ill take him to lunch if he helps me. I do whatever I can 🙂

  7. lol I laughed so hard at the “annoy your husband” post that Lucy thought I was watching something hilarious on YouTube that she needed to see too. I’m really good at all the “asking questions during TV shows” ones.

    Also: I make my hubs pick up all the USPS packages from the main office of our complex. Because it’s cold! And “I don’t want to take Lucy out in the cold” hahahahaha. I’ll tell him one day “Hm I don’t know what that package could be!” (duh fabric). The next time I’m all like “Well I got fabric yesterday so I really don’t know what it could be!” (duh fabric). But it’s extra special fun when I tell him I’m SURE the package is for him this time–a book or something he’s ordered. Nope, fabric again.

    Super bonus points when it’s YARN because he knows that is even more expensive. 🙂

  8. 1 – do your hand sewing in his side of the bed. May he live in fear of pins.
    2 – conveniently forget the exchange rate when buying things online and subsequently raise the fabric budget.
    3 – insist there is no reason you can’t pay attention to the tv while you sew. Then watch wedding shows which he hates.
    4 – drag him to fabric stores in three different cities just to find purple damask. In one day.

    • Also ….

      5 – make him haul the iron and board for me when im prepping for a new project.
      6 – make quilts, thereby getting around the rule that I am not allowed to buy anymore blankets or pillows. It doesnt count when I make them.

  9. Ok…How about volunteering him for father and son activities, so you can have time alone (like all weekend).

    I did that this week – oops. With our first snow, I sent the hubby out in the cold with son to go sledding “it hardly ever snows, you have to take him sledding”. both of us know what I will be up to….within seconds I am upstairs sewing.

    I know he found that annoying;….hmm or was it the fact the afternoon/night the snow comes through, I checked the weather forecast ever 15 minutes, giving him updates, as I wanted a snow day so bad so I could sew 🙂

  10. Asking him to discontinue watching Law and Order for the millionth time to “help me” use his construction tools (t-square and tape measures…and now my own modified chalk line) to square up a king/ queen sized quilt…and then letting him do it all by himself while I watch…Love it. ~ksp

  11. Love these! I am so guilty of more than 50%. My husband’s biggest complaint is that I am slowly taking over the whole house. It started with one spare room, but I have now expanded to the 2nd spare room, the office, the living room and the dining room. 😀 Somehow my pins, seam rippers and loose threads even manage to end up in the rooms I haven’t conquered yet! I’m terrible about sneaking in packages from the mail too. LOL I’m sure he notices when I quietly go straight to my sewing room right after I check the mail!

    • When we lived in California, we had a very small house. I took over the one car garage for quilting forcing him to build a man shed in the backyard. Now that we live in CO, our house is much bigger and I have a spare bedroom. I have started to eye his man shed a 1200 square foot heated workshop. I am plotting my takeover!

  12. The only thing my OH hates is that I have Instagram on alert so every time someone likes one of my pics it lights up my phone. He says I should switch off alerts but I LIKE TO KNOW.

  13. I’ve got a knitting one- losing a double pointed (sock knitting) needle somewhere in the bed…
    Also, close to #10- asking immediately upon his return from wherever- did you look at what I made today? What do you think?- esp annoying if he has yet to take off snowy boots…

  14. Hide all the fabric purchases and then he asks “where did that come from?” when I use it. Run to the mailbox when you hear the mailman walk up, without saying a word. Just things that have happened this week. Lol. 🙂 Great post!

  15. Taking a REALLY long time to get a good photo pf a quilt while he is holding it up and his arms are getting tired — also, cutting up one of his flannel shirts when you need more fabric.

  16. Love this list! I’m guilty of almost all of them! 🙂 Here’s my latest one: Replace a large chunk of his part of the closet with fabric. Insist it’s better for him to have a more curated wardrobe.

  17. How about putting off necessary house-work to complete something quilting related that just HAS to be done first–be it actually finishing something, sketching out an idea stuck in your head, seeing if you have fabrics in your stash to match a certain one you are thinking of doing a project with…and plenty more I’m sure!

  18. The Husband has enjoyed this one as much as I did! Literally tear of laughter for both of us. He says he has no complaints except one: He has a chair in my sewing room for when he’s ‘visiting’ me while I disappear for the whole day on some project or other. He doesn’t like it when I cover his chair with stuff so he can’t sit down, especially when he’s brought us coffee and has both hands full!

  19. Asking if we can “quickly” stop in the LQS on our anniversary since we’re heading over to that side of town anyway and I really really really really need to get some backing fabric…then stand and stare blankly at the wall of fabric in a pure state of indecisiveness. On.our.anniversary. When there’s like NO WAY he can even consider unleashing the eye roll he’s so desperately trying to hold back…

  20. Love it. I am guilty of nearly all of these. I would add dragging him into every quilt shop I can find when in a new town/city/country. Making him help me baste a quilt. Oh and the needles that disappear into the arm of the couch.

  21. The lose threads that find their way around the house drives my husband insane, especially as the vacuum doesn’t pick them up on the first try, or the second, or not even on the third try. He doesn’t leave the seat up, he doesn’t forget the rubbish, he doesn’t pull the top sheet out from the mattress (I do, hate hot feet!) – but he loads the dishwasher incorrectly and it drives me crazy. Thanks for the laugh xx

  22. Taking over the dining room table on a semi permanent basis, meaning we have to eat on the sofa and don’t have any room to play board games. This list is v. Funny!

  23. oh my goodness, these are hilarious and I have to admit that I’m guilty of more than a few. my hubby’s quilting pet peeve- the booby trap dining room (aka, my fabric cutting, planning, and general storage space). The problem is that I like to pull the dining room chairs away from the table so I can maneuver all the way around my cutting mat. Um, well…the chairs don’t really make it back to their place, and at night when we’re heading upstairs to bed and all the lights are off, they are right in the middle of the path he likes to walk. whoops!

  24. Guilty as charged. I have to add driving “just a little bit out of the way” on vacation to visit a quilt shop. Fifty miles later…

    And, my favorite, asking him to “help” and them getting annoyed when it isn’t good enough. He is a good sport and has gotten pretty good at ironing. So I tried to graduate him to cutting, thinking as a carpenter he would get the concept of precision. Not so much. Lol.

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  26. My goodness! This post and its comments gave me a good laugh. I can’t complain too much – hubby seems pleased that I quilt, it means I am home with him. However, he has poor timing and wants to “spend time” with me when I am most immersed in what I am doing, and then pouts & sighs loudly if I don’t drop everything!

  27. How about while planning family vacations, picking locations based on how many quilt/fabric shops are near by. Also, while on vacation, buying an extra bag/suitcase to carry home any fabric purchases made and going over the allowance for luggage. Also… Asking if I could bring my sewing machine & supplies along on our camping trip (we tent camp, the answer was ‘NO’!)

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