Sunday Stash

First, I just have to say that you all have had me laughing since Friday over How Quilters Annoy Their Partners.  There are so many good ones, and later on this week I’m going to compile them into a complete list – they are just too good to live in the comment section.  If you want to laugh even more, be sure to check out the hashtag on Instagram: #howquiltersannoytheirpartners  So. many. good. ones.  I have my favorite that I’ve looked at twenty times, and it makes me laugh every single time.  It’s so funny.

Onto the fabric, another great way to annoy your partner.  Keep buying more of it.  This week, AMH has again found a new home.  I found a great deal on a Dowry bundle, and I just couldn’t pass it up for my Gypsy Wife quilt collection.  It wasn’t until the bundle made it to my home that I realized just how beautiful some of the prints are.  They are stunning!  


I mean, look at those colors.


These were my favorite prints, and I need them in yardage.  Now.



I hope I have lots of leftover scraps from these…



I absolutely love the colors in these prints.  I can’t handle how much I love her fabric.



The Gypsy Wife quilt box is looking pretty good these days!  just in time to make my February blocks!

Be sure to head over to Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash to see others’ beautiful fabrics.  It’s such a great way to finish the week!



14 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Okay, I love that line! Been successful in keeping away from purchasing it, but after seeing your post, my resolve is gone. What a beautiful line!

  2. Trouble is, if you fall in love too much with a print, you don’t want to use it and then it just sits in your stash doing nothing. Maybe the solution is to frame the most beloved ones so that you can look at your pretties all the time!

  3. Gorgeous. I bought mine when it first came out so about half of it was sold out. You have lots of prints I don’t.

    I really feel bad for Denyse though. She’s got to be feeling jealous.

  4. You know what’s a horrible situation to be in? Going on a fabric fast right as you discover a new love for AMH 😦 I am living vicariously though you! Keep buying but leave a little behind for me please 🙂

  5. Ok so now I’m a little annoyed…i’ve seen the AMH and told myself, yeah don’t really need that, but now I see that aqua with those almost fluoro oranges and green and I feel it is a necessary purchase. When’s pay day?!

  6. I’m always amazed at how really beautiful AMH is when I get new prints from her. really, it just has to be experienced firsthand to comprehend. your pile is awesome! how many fabrics do you have set aside for gypsy wife now? I’m struggling with deciding how many i’ll need total. are you just deciding as you go what to use where or do you have a plan? how often do you expect to use each print? i’m obsessing about this right now. help! =) pretty please.

  7. I really like those sketchy looking florals – so pretty! I think this you’re going to have a really interesting Gypsy Wife quilt out of her fabrics – AMH’s already kind of got that vibe of all the colours and prints ever.

  8. I am so not surprised! AMH does seem like she would be your fabric guru. A perfect match for you! Gypsy Wife will look so good in Dowry.

    Now, let’s start a big internet ruckus and get her/Freespirit to reprint Good Folks. 😉

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